What is Park90?Park90 is a place where everyone can indulge in their passion for wines, where the majority of our wines are rated 90 and above by leading wine critics.

How do Park90 Members keep track of their credits?As our Member, you will receive a Membership Kit along with details for login and access to your e-wallet.
The e-wallet is used to hold your credit to be deducted against consumption at Park90.

How will Park90 communicate with their Members on updated benefits for their Members?The Members’ privileges will be updated and promoted on the Park90 website (park90.com), to all Members via email and WhatsApp and within the Member’s e-wallet promotional updates as well as in person at other appropriate times.

What happens if a Member runs out of credit within membership validity of 12 months?If a Park90 Member has fully consumed his/her credit within the validity of 12 months, the Member is allowed to top-up his credit in amounts of $500 or $1,000 within the membership validity period. Alternatively, the Member can purchase a whole new Membership without the additional initial credits and Amex rewards points.

What happens if a membership expires?If a Park90 Member decides not to renew his/her membership, kindly inform our friendly Park90 customer service team athello@park90.com

What is the registration URL?A link to all members will be included in each communication. The specific URL is:park90.com

What features are included for Park90 Grand Members?

  • Supplementary membership – sharing the same credit amount
  • Access to limited release wines
  • We are constantly working on more benefits for our members